Residential general contractor: Montréal, the South Shore and the North Shore

As you know, there are many challenges to completing a residential construction project. For this reason, we make it our duty to study your project thoroughly in order to plan it down to the smallest detail from start to finish. Therefore, we invite you to discover all our residential construction services.

House expansion

Your house lacks space, and you want to expand your property to avoid the inconvenience of moving? Whether adding a floor or increasing the square footage of your home, our team has the expertise to do the work with consideration for the aesthetics.

Multiplex to single-family home conversion

If you own an income property, converting your multi-family lodging to a single-family home is feasible. Our team can assist you in all stages of this major renovation.

New multiplex construction

Building a new multi-unit property could be a wise choice if you want to invest in real estate or simply expand your property portfolio. From the preliminary design to on-site work management, our proven know-how and certifications will ensure that your major construction project will run smoothly.

Contact us to get in touch with a qualified construction contractor in the Greater Montréal area

In the Greater Montréal area, Hu-Nic Construction is your trusted team to help you realize your most creative real estate dreams. Contact us any time at 514-907-9013.

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