A general construction contractor that creates and revitalizes your residential and commercial spaces.

About us

To do a project is a good thing; to be supported throughout the process is even better. Save time and money by putting your trust in our team of passionate specialists. 

Whatever the nature of the work, we stand out for our ingenuity and initiative. We are accredited by the ISNetworld software developers who provide sustainable business solutions and by the Garantie de construction résidentielle (GCR) which administers new residential building guarantees in Quebec.

What drives us every day

Evolving at the pace of the real estate market to push our limits and thus become a leader in the construction industry in Quebec.

Creating and revitalizing your residential and commercial spaces with the sincere desire to make your projects a success.

Putting forward our know-how, transmitting our passion for construction/renovation and being creative without neglecting quality.

To evolve over time in order to constantly push the limits, as a team, to become a leader in the construction industry in Quebec.

At Hu-Nic, as residential and commercial space creators and revitalizers, our mission is to make your projects a success.

Know-how | Passion | Creativity | Quality

The Hu-Nic Construction DNA is the combined vision of two partners

Founded by Nicholas Audet-Besner and Hugo Dionne, Hu-Nic Construction will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2022. Over the past five years, we have experienced steady growth by focusing our efforts on large-scale residential and commercial projects. As a result, we were able to put together an efficient and diligent team. Hu-Nic Construction has more than 25 employees and nearly one hundred subcontractors who work together to ensure that your real estate projects reflect your vision.

We are a residential and commercial space modernizer that sincerely wants to make your construction projects successful!

Work with a qualified construction contractor

At Hu-Nic Construction, we understand that a project can be complicated. Thanks to our revitalization approach, we offer you a supportive, responsive, professional experience.

The pre-project | Determining what you want

We will collaborate with your professionals as soon as possible. By working with us, you avoid delays, additional costs and feasibility difficulties related to design. We take care of everything for you!

Project planning | Collaborating with the professionals

We take care of coordinating subcontractors, ordering materials and collaborating with designers, architects and engineers. Also, don’t worry about deadlines; we will meet your expectations and budget. We prefer good surprises to bad ones.

Construction | Turning a dream into a reality

This is our favourite part! We start the construction and remain in touch with you concerning the project’s progression. At this point, all you have to do is plan your move to your new space. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Contact us to get in touch with a qualified construction contractor in the Greater Montréal area

In the Greater Montréal area, Hu-Nic Construction is your trusted team to help you realize your most creative real estate dreams. Contact us any time at 514-907-9013.

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